While the dollar's pause from its lucrative image globally weakens the downward trend in silver prices, the fact that US 10-year bond yields still point to high levels with 1.70 percent continues to support the weak image in safe harbors. Thus, it is seen that the necessary signal for the permanent increase scenario in silver prices is still not produced.

In the USA, especially after the dollar index reached the peak of 2.5 years, increased inflation concerns weakened the risk appetite, while the weakness on the dollar side caused slight recoveries in commodities. Although the dove statements made by Fed Chairman Powell about the economy triggered optimism towards the USA, we see that the data announced do not parallel this picture. Thus, it is seen that the short-term demand for safe harbors has increased with the effect of the weakening dollar and bond interest rates with the mixed outlook in the indices.

Ounce Silver

On the US side, while the dollar side had a slight volume due to the calm data flow on the first trading day of the week, the activity in silver prices remained around the $ 25.0 level. Especially, depending on the maintenance of this threshold, the rises in precious metal can be expected to relax within the framework of the resistance of $ 25.50 and $ 26.0. Above this level, we follow the 26.50 resistance as the other attack point. However, under a possible $ 25.0 level, it is useful to consider the 24.50 and 24.0 support levels in terms of sales.