The US $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package is expected to pass the Budget Committee and vote in the US House of Representatives this Friday. Despite this outlook, there was selling pressure in the US indices with the risk appetite that has been weak in the markets since the beginning of the week. While the S & P500 and Dow Jones index showed a partial recovery, the decreases in the Nasdaq index entered into a gain in speed. While this effect caused a depreciation on the DAX index side, it was in an effort to turn its direction up from the 13.800 threshold, which is the critical support level of the index. However, after the dove statements of Fed Chairman Powell, it is seen that the upward momentum gained momentum in the markets again. Thus, it is seen that the index completed the day at 13.976 with an increase of 0.8 percent. It is seen that the health sector, which has increased up to 2 percent, is effective in the desire to increase the index. On the basis of companies, Bayer gained 3.3%, Deutsche Bank 2.6% and Continental 1.7%, ranking among the best performances of the day.

If we talk about the recent developments in Germany, the Ifo business index increased by 94.2, above the previous month. While this data indicates that the German economy has recovered, it was stated that the improvement in industrial activities caused the production plans to be revised upwards. The fourth-quarter growth data of the German economy was revised upwards to 0.3 percent on a quarterly basis. According to the statements from the DIW Institute, it was stated that the economy in Germany continued to be strong throughout the winter.

After these developments, if the index, which returns from the 13.800 level, maintains a persistence above the level of 13.950, it can be expected to continue its rising with the resistance levels of 14.100 and 14.400. However, in a possible downward revision, we are following the 13.800 threshold as the first attack point. The only crossing point where sales will be triggered at a possible below-level close is maintained at 13,476 support.