Despite the index outlook, which has spent the week with a very upward momentum, the fact that the US 10-year bond yields tested very high levels with 1.77 percent continues to have a distorting effect on the US markets. While the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases weakens the risk appetite in the markets, calls from German Chancellor Merkel continue to put pressure on the index. However, despite this picture, we see that the DAX index completed the week with record rises. On the other hand, it can be said that the uneasiness about AstraZeneca vaccine in the country has also increased blood pressure to a certain extent. Thus, the DAX index is seen to close at the end of the day at 15.008 with a slight downward acceleration.

Regarding the sectoral view of the DAX index, the public services, technology and retail sector were among the best performances of the day. Insurance, Media and Industry sectors, on the other hand, had the worst performances of the day. It is seen that HelloFresh, Aixtron and TeamViewer stand out on the basis of companies involved in the value increase.

In the technical picture of the index, if the record rises persist above the 15,000 level, the resistance levels of 15,100 and 15,500 remain the next crossing point in the index. However, it is useful to pay attention to the closings below the 14.750 level for a possible short term pullback. It is possible that decreases will test the support levels of 14,400 and 14,100, as a result of passing this level.